Guest Blog: “The Seductive Findom Goddess by @KinkyWebster

First day at the office…

It was one warm summer morning and Chris was walking into work. He was always the first into the office, but this fine day he noticed that someone was already there before him as he looked through the glass windows. He was frozen for a moment as he drooled over this gorgeous lady inside the office, clad in tight jeans and a low cut top. Her body looked absolutely stunning. As he stood there frozen, she caught a glimpse of him staring.

Chris meets Suzie

Chris embarrassingly started walking again and into the office. His cock throbbing in his pants with excitement. “Hello, I’m Chris” he said as he introduced himself to this gorgeous new co-worker, red faced with sweaty palms at this point. “I’m Suzie, the new head of manufacturing,” she said.

The seductive Mistress

Chris’s desk was right in front of Suzie’s. Suzie already knew that she had him wrapped around her little finger, having seen him stare. The throbbing in his tight smart pants wasn’t negligible either. Chris being a handsome tall man, she did wonder whether he had a nice thick cock.

She was already wet having been treated well that morning by her slave. Yes, that’s right, Suzie was also a very seductive mistress. She could get any man to fuck her, and for the ones that were not worthy of it, she’d just fuck their wallets. Now would Chris be her next victim? Would he fuck or get fucked?

Wrapped around her little finger

Suzie just played with her 6 inch heels under the desk, seeing whether she gets Chris’ attention. He was drooling alright. It was time to resume operation seduction. She walked over to his desk, and leaning over him revealing her perfect cleavage just said, “Can you show me where the restrooms are?” Chris was like a puppy in her presence. He got up and started walking to show her the way.

“You know Chris, it’s rude to stare at a lady”, she said in a teasing way. “We can forget about that little staring episode if you do something for me”. Chris was absolutely red at this point as he said “Yes, sure Suzie”. Suzie took him by his hand and dragged him into the disabled toilet. She locked the door firmly behind them.

Disappointment strikes

“I’ve seen you staring at me, now it’s my turn. Strip!!!”. Chris stood there helpless. As he stripped, Suzie just slipped her fingers inside her jeans and knickers, feeling that very wet pussy. Being in control made her horny as fuck. What Chris had to offer was rather disappointing though. His cock was far from matching his 6 foot physique. In fact it was hardly 6 inches.

So Chris was one to be fucked, not one to fuck with, Suzie said to herself as she laughed at his pathetic looking cock. It actually twitched and dribbled as she humiliated it. Suzie had a weak pathetic rich work cuck in her midst. One she knew was going to keep her pussy wet all day by spoiling her.

You know Chris, I like big cocks and big wallets. You clearly have a pathetic cock, so you better show me your wallet if you don’t want the office to hear about our little secret”. Chris, rather embarrassed and also feeling horny now said, “Tell me whatever way that I can please you”.

“Get on your knees, NOW!!”, Suzie’s voice got harsher. She bent over in front of him and lowered her tight jeans. “Kiss my ass, this ass will be your master now”. She then turned around and pressed on his tiny cock with her heels. “So pathetic, my heels are bigger than your worm. Handover your credit card now”.

“From now on, every time that you stare at me I’m going to max out your credit card. It’s going to get me so horny and wet. That’s the only way a cuck like you will satisfy me.”

Findom Goddess – One more surprise

Just as Chris thought it was all over, Suzie had another surprise for him. She just stood there playing with herself while she maxed out his card on lingerie. What came next was absolutely seductive. She removed her panties that were absolutely drenched in cum. “Get up you pathetic cuck, now wear these panties”, she said. “You’ll spend the rest of the day reminding yourself what a pathetic cuck you are, and these panties will help you”.

Suzie got back into her jeans, and walked back to her desk. Still wet and horny. She looked at her phone and her other online cucks had treated her too. 2 new pairs of Honey Birdette lingerie just ordered. Suzie could feel the cum just dropping down her inner thighs. It was going to be a very wet first day for Suzie. As for Chris, well he was now Suzie’s office cuck.

The End


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