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Last Friday when I got home at night after a hard day at work, I listened to the Kinky Cocktail Hour – a podcast by SafferMaster and Lady Petra Playground. The podcast featured an interview with Tinasback who shared her story about feminization and sissification. I thought it was such a powerful, sincere, courageous interview. Soon afterwards, I had a short discussion with Tinasback which led to this interview.

Oh, and just in case you missed Tinasback on the Kinky Cocktail Hour, here it is:


1. In your bio you state that you are a submissive T-girl. For the uninitiated, can you explain what is a submissive T-girl

 The Trans-ition to Tina
The Trans-ition to Tina

By submissive I mean I let a dominant male control me and fuck me as he wants for his pleasure. I will essentially pleasure him and suck his cock or rim him if that’s what he likes. Essentially I am a taker not a giver. My cock or clit stays locked out of the way normally and takes no or little part in any interaction. T-Girl means transitioning girl and can be from early stage transitioning from a male with basically dressing and a few hormones to full SRS phase. Sexual Reassignment Surgery and living fully as a girl and presenting totally convincingly as a girl 247 

2. How old were you when you transitioned into Tina? How did Tina come about? And what triggered it? 

My journey started very early at school but that was as a femmeboi. My transition to Tina only started later when I was serving a dom guy. I was sucking his cock and he said I’d look fab as a tgirl serving him… I initially dismissed it. However as the weeks went on I dwelt on it started looking at tgirl porn and thought yes that’s for me. So really I can’t take credit for it myself.

3. How do you maintain equilibrium between your Tina persona vs the vanilla world.

 The Trans-ition to Tina
The Trans-ition to Tina

Difficult to balance as I’m now locked 247 and plugged a lot of the time. I’m always dressed too, even if covered by drab (pretend male clothing) so I’m never male now. Some family and close friends know about Tina but work doesn’t. To be honest it’s becoming more difficult. My name Tinasback is a clue as I used to deny Tina and suppress her but I’ve realised it’s hopeless and she’s not going anywhere. Tinasback was because she kept disappearing and then coming back.. lol. 

4. Do you think society is becoming more accepting of T-girls? 

Yes a million percent. If I was 20 now I’d be fully open as Tina 247 no question. I think young femmebois now live in a very different world to mine. Gender fluidity is a thing now 

5. They’re so many T-girls who stay stuck in the closet; partly due to shame, guilt and the fear of being stigmatized. What pushed you to put yourself out there? And what advice would you give to closet T-girls?

People and family are far far more accepting than you would ever believe. As you get older you realise a lot of guys either want to be t-girls or have a relationship with one… and I mean a lot!.. a lot. Advice  … if you’re young just do it 100%.

Intact even if not young just do it  

6. Do your friends and family know about Tina? If yes, what are their feelings towards Tina

 The Trans-ition to Tina
The Trans-ition to Tina

Yes they do. Was difficult at first but not that bad or for that long and now its ancient history. It’s as above you make it bigger in your own head than it is. The most surprising people are massively supportive. My Mother was in her 80’s and unbelievably supportive and open minded… unbelievable 

7. You mentioned on the Kinky Cocktail Hour podcast that you’re heading towards a 24-7 TPE relationship. Firstly, can you explain what a 24-7 TPE relationship is? Secondly, can you describe what the perfect 24-7  relationship would like for Tina. 

TPE total power exchange is what it says a total submission. Its giving up day to day control and immersing yourself is submission and servitude to another. The lack of control is a massive hit and such a rush and strangely calming and relaxing. If you have a personality for submission, giving up control is thrilling and addictive. Try it and you won’t look back. I am seeking a very dom guy with a bit of kink to control and push me. The journey never stops… 

8. Lastly, where do you see Tina in 5 years?

Serving a very dom guy living as Tina 247. By then the hormones will have developed my breasts to an extent that Tina needs to be open out and obvious. I think there’s a lot of kinky and submissive adventures and parties to come yet!.. 

I feel I’m just getting into it to be honest. 

I hope this is of some interest and use?   ….

Tina xx 

There we have it, T-girls

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A massive shout-out to Tinasback! Thank you for answering my questions so thoughtfully.

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