Top 8 Motivational Books

Motivational Books… What’s happening, reading community? If you are an avid reader, then boy do I have 8 treats for you! I’ve put together a list of 8 motivational book reads. I hope this list is helpful and inspires you to make positive changes in your life.

Just on a side note, if you’re looking for other ways to keep motivated (perhaps you dip in and out books and never get around to finishing them – we’ve all been there!) – check out practical Ways To Raise Your Vibration or Why Is Journaling/Scripting Rhymes Good For Mental Health?

Why journaling is good for mental health
Why Is Journaling/Scripting Rhymes Good For Mental Health?

Ok bookworms – shall we get started? Wonderful, then let’s do this.

Podopheleus’s TOP 8 Motivational Books

1. ‘Outwitting the Devil’ by Napoleon Hill 

So I’ve read a lot of self help books, but Outwitting The Devil is by far the most intriguing. Outwitting the Devil, is a dialogue between Napoleon Hill and the Devil. I know, right? Now it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. More important is what he is talking about. 

This book delves into fear, procrastination, anger, jealousy, spirituality. This book is a must read for anyone looking to achieve big goals in life.

2. ‘Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter’ by Curtis 50 Cent Jackson 

“Yo, what’s up? It’s Dre

Remember the first time you came out to the house?

You said you wanted a spot like mine

But remember, anybody can get it

The hard part is keepin’ it, motherfucker” – Dr Dre

These wise words are, of course, the words of Dr Dre from Kendrick Lamar’s – ‘To Pimp A Butterfly‘, which by the way is one of the most critically acclaimed releases of the last decade. What Dr Dre is saying here is simple. You can achieve what you want eventually, the hard part is sustaining it and that is Curtis 50 Cent Jackson’s message in his motivation books – Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter

“There is no such thing as ‘making it. No matter how much money you stack, fame you achieve, or success you taste, there are going to be more struggles. More drama. More obstacles. The goal is not just to be successful. It’s about learning how to sustain that success. A skill I had to learn the hard way.” – Curtis 50 Cent Jackson.

This book taught me a lot about fear, trust, perception, evolving, values, and a great deal more. 

3. ‘Just F*cking Do It’ by Noor Hibbert 

“Stop playing small. Transform your life.” 

After reading this book, It was then that I wrote my first book, titled Triple-Formed. That’s right guys, this book gave me the kick up the backside I needed to begin my writing journey. Do you have trouble with procrastination? If yes. Then this is a great place to start. Furthermore, Noor will teach you how to become a vibrational master. 

She explains the meaning of universal intelligence, how to manifest what you want, the rules of goal setting, and so much more. This is a fantastic motivational book. 

4. ‘It’s all in your head’ by RUSS

Have you heard of Russ? Who the hell is Russ? Russ is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and author from Atlanta, Georgia. This book is broken up into 3 parts:

Part 1 Delusion

Part 2 Persistence

Part 3 Gratitude

There is a lot to learn from Russ and his story is truly inspiring. After reading this book, I felt SO motivated. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of: ‘It’s All In Your Head‘ by RUSS.

5. ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck’ by Mark Manson 

The title is self-explanatory, really. Mark Manson teaches us how to not give a fuck. Sometimes it’s the little things that get to us.

This book seriously made me question what to give a fuck about and what not to give a fuck about.

This concept really hits home with me, even more, I really love Mark’s style of writing. He hits the nail on the head here. Trust me you won’t regret reading this one.

Top 8 Motivational Books
Podopheleus’s Top 8 Motivational Books

6. ‘Captivate’ by Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is a behavioural investigator at the Science of People research lab and this book teaches us the laws of human behaviour, how to speed-read faces, behaviour hacks, and so much more.

This book really helped me improve my social skills. It’s a captivating read, believe me!

7. ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Prof Steve Peters

The Chimp Paradox is the ultimate Mind Management book. Prof Steven Peters simplifies how the human brain operates and he teaches us how to manage our inner chimp. The book is a fascinating read. I would recommend this book to anyone who suffers from anxiety.

“Your inner Chimp can be your best friend or your worst enemy … This is the Chimp Paradox” 

8. ’30 Days 30 Ways To Overcome Anxiety’ by Bev Aisbett

What I loved about this book is how easy it is to follow and understand. The book consists of reading carried out over 30 days – for example, reading day one, on Monday and reading day two, on Tuesday etc. One again, I highly recommend this book for anyone who suffers from anxiety.

There we have it, guys. I hope you, the reader, enjoy this list of self-help and self-improvement motivational books. Let me know what you think guys? Readers, I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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