Triple-Formed… LeftOvers – Eminem remake

Howzit hanging Kinksters? In today’s blog I’m going to talk about the LeftOvers to my debut book Triple-Formed.

The leftover song I’m going to talk about in today’s blog is a remake to Eminem’s Stan. I wrote this song just after my second session. Are you ready? Bammo! ?

Song: Dan

Written by: Podopheleus

Characters: Dan & Mistress I Lash

[Verse 1: (Dan)]

Dear Mistress I emailed you, why no reply? 

I check my emails all the time, you tweeted three times last night

Mistress, I sent two emails last week, can’t be arsed to read ’em?

Well, your website is misleading, I have got the confirmation 

You’ve received em you’ve been posting and tweeting the whole weekend

So, What’s the latest? And how was babysitting, Mistress? 

I guess you like everyone knowing your business

But that’s cool your interests are my interests, Little Miss. Mischief

I loved our roleplay sesh, you made a hot head mistress

By the way I had a Mrs

She’s nothing like you though, a sadist! 

I know you probably hear this every day, I’mma fan, your biggest! 

I even printed every photo from your instagram

I even pay twelve ninety nine a month for your catalogue

Damn! I signed-up, subscribed to OnlyFans, I had spent grands 

On custom clips, hope you get this, ma’am, hit me back 

Just to chat, truly yours, most loyal sub, this is Dan



Your not satisfied in a single role

Don’t recall don’t recall

Shadows of the past,  mingling of souls

Don’t recall don’t recall

A taste of heaven, a glimpse of inferno 

You don’t recall don’t recall 

It reminds me that you must be mad!

You must be mad!

[Verse 2: (Dan)]

Dear Mistress, you still ain’t emailed, but posting clips for sale

I ain’t cut, I just think it’s fucked up you don’t answer subs! 

I had commented and I’d liked every one of your posts 

Oh! Am I a Couch-Potato sitting around holding on to hope? 

All I think about is you, Mistress! Nothing else comes close!

I am not even employable, the only thing I enjoy is watching you!

I do suffer from anxiety and depression

Hence why I need a session, Ma’am, I was on medication

But I’m fine now, I stopped taking on march the eighteenth

Betrothed to misery, Sheesh! that works out to twenty eight weeks

The day of our first session, I love you, Mistress

That’s my confession, your Other subs don’t get you

Like i do, we got that connection

Thinking of you in a wretched place, red faced, headaches 

I love being tied up, please whip me, I’m addicted to harsh pain

Is that defined as criminal?

I need to see you, I am stressed

I even got a tattoo of your face across the chest 

And every single day my mouth hurts is filled with ulcers

When i don’t see you

I can’t control such emotional outbursts

Mistress I Lash, reply back, cos’ of you I tortured my kittycat!

We’re alike, you and I, see, I’m as sadistic as a born Domme 

To beat boredom, studied Norman, watched violent porno’s

I subscribed and signed up to sinister internet forums

You gotta reply, Ma’am,

I’ll be the purest sub you’ll ever lose

Sincerely yours, Dan

P.S.: We should live together too


Your not satisfied in a single role

Don’t recall don’t recall

Shadows of the past,  mingling of souls

Don’t recall don’t recall

A taste of heaven, a glimpse of inferno

I don’t recall don’t recall

It reminds me that you must be mad!

You must be mad!

[Verse 3: (Dan)]

Dear Miss. I’m-Too-Good-to-mail–submissives 

This’ll be the last email I ever send, PRINCESS! 

It’s been a month, and still no word—I don’t deserve it? 

You’re a Goddess I love and Worship! Didn’t you like your gift? The chained corset! 

So, this is my cassette I’m sending’ you, I hope you hear it

You feel it, like when you put out your cigarette on my chest 

It blisters, pain lingers, when your emails get delivered 

And you are posting spitter clips on your fucking twitter 

See, you don’t session on weekends you babysit Cynthia

Your niece, it’s quite funny what you can learn on social media! 

Sorry, Mistress, but i accidently broke your ornament! 

However, i replaced it and put it back on your doorstep 

I bought you another two, so, you now have a full set! 

When i don’t see you, Mistress, it affects my self-esteem 

My doctor told me to carry on taking paroxetine 

Well, he can go and do one and fuck you too Goddess, I, blaspheme 

And when you dream I hope you can’t sleep and you scream about it;

I hope your conscience eats at you and you can’t breathe without D

See, should I slice [*slicing*] my arms open and bleed 

Everywhere, you Bitch! Miss-I’m-outta-your-league 

Hey Bitch-tress, did you hear about the Pymmes Park torture last year!

Some lady was proper tortured, she tried to mask her tears 

But he forced her to eat her own damn ear

Do you know who that chick was? That was m_ other Ha_ _,  De_ _! 


Your not satisfied in a single role

Don’t recall don’t recall

Shadows of the past,  mingling of souls

Don’t recall don’t recall

A taste of heaven, a glimpse of inferno

You don’t recall don’t recall

It reminds me, that you must be mad!

You must be mad!

[Verse 4: (Mistress I Lash)]

Hi Dan, many thanks for your patience in how quiet I have been

Been off comms whilst I travel, but back into the swing 

Of things, thank you so much Dan, for your perseverance! 

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings i hope you are kidding about your kitten 

Listen, if that is true you deserve to rot in fricken’ prison! 

Please realize due to the erratic nature of my lifestyle

I can’t write while traveling, sessions and photo shooting

I came home and completely, freaked out, over random footprints 

You got some issues, Dan, I think you need some counseling

I just cannot fathom out why you would tantrum out like this And what’s this shit about us meant to live together? 

That type of shit’ll make me not want us to sesh together 

And that story you told about the girl in the park 

The tape cut out sense a hurtle through the dark

Dan, you need to get back on your meds I am worried you will end up dead

I will say this it’s imperative that you visit a shrink 

Before you go apeshit, and I am glad your committed, but Dan 

Why are you so mad? Try to understand that I adore my OnlyFans 

I just don’t want you to do some schizo shit 

But I will not tolerate being called a Bitch! That’s called being a dick!

Listen Dan, how the hell do you know where I live?

That’s stalking shit let’s call it quits! Creep! Talking shit, oh please cork it!

Causing me to raise an eyebrow, FUCK! I think there’s someone in my house

(Dan) “Hey Mistress I…. it’s time to blow someone’s brains out!” [*Bang*] ____

Keep in mind that this song is unedited and it’s nothing less of perfection.

So, when did you write this song? 


When did you start writing Triple-Formed

June 2020

Triple-Formed Adult Novel
Debut novel Triple-Formed, author Podopheleus

What inspired you to write this song? 

During that time I was reading Nailbiter and Sunstone (image comics) and I was listening to Eminem’s relapse album quite a bit. I had an epiphany during that time to mix the two worlds together. Horror/serial killer meets BDSM!

Have a read on why I believe journaling/scripting rhymes is good for mental health.

What is the difference between this Dan and the Dan in Triple-Formed? 

This Dan is psychotic and sadistic. let me point out that the last line of verse 3 reads: 

“Do you know who that chick was? That was m_ other Ha_ _,  De_ _!”

I will fill in the blanks. 

Do you know who that chick was? That was my other HalfDear! “

Holy fuck, right?

This Dan never dealt with his inner demons and this is why he became a danger to himself and others. 

This Dan is a flawed character in every sense of the word. At times he doesn’t speak English like a native. E.g. he will say things like “reply back” “spitter clips” etc. Which is inefficient use of English. 

I intended to use the song ‘Dan’ as the first song for Triple-Formed. Beginning with the end and then telling the story in reverse. I was going to delve deeper into a serial killer’s mind. What makes a serial killer tick? At the same time I wanted to combine it with lots of BDSM fun. I intended to look into how Dommes go about vetting and screening their clients. 

The Dan in Triple-Formed is nothing like this Dan. The Dan in Triple-Formed is anxious and super paranoid. Even though Dan (Triple-Formed) has a negative attitude, he is not a danger to others. He is just trying to find himself.

So, what happened?

As crazy as it sounds. I radically changed my life in 1-year. I feel like a different person now. 

I couldn’t bring myself to write Dan’s story as a serial killer. It no longer resonated with who I am. 

Furthermore. I’ve come to the realisation that I will need to rewrite verse 4 again. Mistress I Lash’s response, feels soft and seems to be unrealistic. I didn’t alter the verse before posting it because I don’t want to waste my time and energy in something I’m not planning to use. However, if I was serious about finishing this song, I would collaborate with a Domme, to write a response to Dan.

Additionally, The last line of verse 4 reads: 

(Dan) “Hey Mistress I…. it’s time to blow someone’s brains out!” [*Bang*] 

I had every intention of ending the story with a cliff-hanger. However, deep down inside, I already know the truth. The truth is that Dan committed suicide. For this reason alone I did not want to continue with the story because it felt negative. 

Triple-Formed is not an autobiography. However, at times it feels like I am telling a deeply personal story. I felt positive but calm when I wrote Triple-Formed. I felt something special when I wrote Triple-Formed. It’s like I found my life purpose. To freely self-express myself and to help others. Find out more about Why I Wrote Triple-Formed – this is a very honest and open account of my own mental health and sexual exploration that led me to write the book.

There we have it guys. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on my LeftOvers song – ‘Dan‘? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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