Types of Foot Fetish: 12 Empowering Insights

Hi there, Foot Lovers!

What different types of foot fetishes are there. What type of Foot Fetish do you have? Having a Foot Fetish is a little more complex than you might think. See, They’re different types of Foot Fetishes and I’m going to break them down for you! So you know what category you fall into. 

So, here’s a little fun fact about myself. Did you know that my name comes from ‘foot’? Associated with my foot fetish. Allow me to explain. The word ‘Podo’ in Greek means foot, and that’s what influenced me to create the name Podo. As for the second part of my name, well, I just thought it sounded pretty darn cool. So, that’s how the name ‘Podopheleus‘ came about. Anyhow, that’s enough about me. Now, let’s delve into the world of feet and explore the various types of foot fetishes associated with them. Shall we? Mind, body, and soles.

Different types of foot fetish

Here’s my far from complete list of what different foot fetishes there are. Do you have one of them? Or did I leave any out?

1. Types of Foot Fetish – Foot worship

Is worshipping every inch of the foot. (E.g the soles, the toes, the heels, the arches etc) It can involve kissing, licking, sniffing, sucking, foot massages and foot rubs.

2. Types of Foot FetishWhat’s your favourite pedicure colour? 

My favourite toenail colours are red and black. However, I enjoy worshipping feet regardless of the toenail colour. Additionally, for some foot fetishists the toenail colour is what distinctively gets their juices flowing.

3. Types of Foot Fetish – Clean feet worship

With some Foot Fetishists they will only worship feet that are pristine, soft and clean. With no signs of foot odour or dirt. It’s like worshipping the feet of a Divine Goddess. 

4. Sweaty/stinky feet worship?

On the other side of the fence we have sweaty/stinky feet worship. 

Have you heard of the word Olfactophilia? 

Well you most certainly have now! 

So what does it mean? 

Is a paraphilia for, or sexual arousal by, smells and odours emanating from the body, especially the sexual areas. 

Did you know 45% of those with a foot fetish are sexually aroused by the smell of socks and feet. So pressing your nose into a stinky feet is not as uncommon as you might think.

5. Types of Foot Fetish – Dirty feet worship?

Dirty foot fetish, is to get turned on by the look of dirty feet, or worshipping or licking the dirt off feet until there’s not a single speck of dirt left, or anything associated with dirty feet play.

6. Types of Foot Fetish – What size feet are you?

I know 2 people who have a Foot Fetish. One of my friends only has a sexual interest in feet that are no bigger than a size 5 and my other friend has no sexual interest in feet that are smaller than a size 7. As bizarre as it sounds to a Foot Fetishists the size of feet can play a major part in their sexual interests towards their Fetishes.

What different types of foot fetishes are there

7. Types of Foot Fetish – Foot Slave

Is the same as foot worship. However, the activities are forced. You will find dominants using collars and leashes, leather chockers, wrist and ankle cuffs to control their slaves. Dominants may also use practices such as caging to humiliate their slaves as a part of play.

8. Foot Gagging

Is when a Dominant forces her foot into the submissives mouth until he starts gagging. Another way to Intensify this activity is for the Dominant to hold the back of the submissives head using her hand or other foot. This prevents the submissive from trying to wriggle out of it, forcibly making him gag.

9. Foot Trampling/Ball busting

To be walked all over on. Literally! Using high heels, boots, or to stomp-on using bare feet. Then there is Ball-Busting for those who are into pain and pleasure. This requires a Dominant kicking the submissive in his crown-jewels. Ouch!! 

10. Foot Slapping

They’re a vast number of Foot Fetishists that love being foot slapped. It’s the feeling of helplessness when you are on your knees with your wrists cuffed behind your back. This makes the perfect interrogation play.

11. Foot Job 

A Foot Job is using your feet to jerk someone off. P.s if you are a submissive looking for a Dominatrix please allow me to pre warn you that not all Dommes offer this service.

12. Socks, Stockings, Trainers, High Heels, Boots

The Sexual fetishes continue from Stilettos, to latex boots, to sexy stocking, stinky socks etc. Making sexual fantasy roleplay just little bit more satisfying.

There you have it, Foot Lovers!

What different types of foot fetish are there? Here’s a whole list! Also if you want some ideas on how you can use Roleplay in your next Foot Worship sessions – check this out!

What type of Foot Fetish are you are into? I would love to hear about it!

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Kaz B
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