Goddess Cleo – VIP Subspace Experience Testimonial by Alice

I’ve had fetishes pretty much all my life, certainly since long before I knew the meaning of the word. I always felt weird and uncomfortable about it, and always felt like it was something I was supposed to feel ashamed of.

Over the years I’d contacted a few dommes, but never ended up booking a session as there was always something that didn’t feel quite right. By my late 20’s I’d pretty much given up and had resigned myself to just living a life of chronic repression (it wasn’t the only thing in my life I’d needed to repress but that’s another story for another testimonial).

Looking for a prodomme

All that changed around the end of 2021. As I sat in my mid 30’s at home booking train tickets for a business trip to London, I made a decision that ended up having a profound effect on my life; I decided to try one last time to book a session with a Pro Domme.

At the time I didn’t use social media and wasn’t thinking clearly enough to check any detailed reviews (nor did I know who to trust to turn to for them). I just fumbled my way around Google for a couple of hours and somehow stumbled upon Goddess Cleo’s website.

Booking a VIP Subspace Experience

It was there that I found clear and concise instructions to book a session. I like instructions, they make things simple so I followed them. I emailed Her with the information She requests, and requested a VIP Subspace Experience. In all honesty, I didn’t really have much of an understanding of what subspace is, or what the experience would entail, but something in my gut told me to just go with it, so that’s what I did.

Excitement vs Trepidation

The few weeks between booking the session and it actually happening were filled with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Excitement because I thought I was going to finally get to meet a Pro Domme and experience something I’d always dreamed of. Trepidation because I had no idea what I was getting myself in for, other than being at the mercy of someone I’d never met.

The instructions I was provided with were clear; Don’t be late, and don’t be more than five minutes early. I chose to leave myself with plenty of time and waited at a nearby cafe, where I literally trembled as I awaited my fate. I sat staring at the time on my phone, and at precisely 5 minutes prior to our agreed meeting time I followed the instructions to find Her.

Meeting Goddess Cleo

I’m probably supposed to say that I immediately felt at ease upon meeting Goddess Cleo, but that wouldn’t be entirely truthful. I was a nervous wreck. Goddess Cleo takes covid precautions very seriously, so our first port of call was to take covid tests and get washed off with a hot shower. After that, I sat anxiously at a table as She sensed the anxiety and discomfort I was feeling.

It was at that moment that She began to reveal Herself to me for what She really is. Goddess Cleo isn’t just an amazing dominatrix, She is also an amazing human being filled with compassion and empathy for Her fellow human beings. She calmed me down and spoke to me in a way that maintained a sense of control and dominance, but also conveyed a sense of mutual respect and a desire to understand what I was going through.

Opening up to Goddess Cleo

We probably spent at least one or two hours at that table. I told Her about my fetishes and fantasies, I told Her about my life, I told Her about thoughts I’ve never spoken openly to anyone about. I told Her about the feelings of shame I had towards my kinks. I told Her the awkward stories of romantic relationships that had broken down and failed as a result of my disinterest in a vanilla sex life.

She listened patiently and asked intelligent and thought provoking questions until I literally ran out of things to say. It wasn’t a conversation I was expecting to have with Her, or that I thought I would ever have with anyone. I didn’t feel judged, I just felt relieved, supported and accepted.

This was already one of the most cathartic experiences I had ever had, and we hadn’t even gotten to actually doing anything yet other than talking.

Educated about subspace

Next it was Her turn to talk. She kindly educated me about subspace, what it is, what it would feel like, and how She was going to get me there. She was careful to ensure I understood exactly what I was getting myself into, and then it was time to start.

VIP Subspace – the session begins

As I lay face down on her bondage furniture being tightly strapped down and secured, I felt a paradoxical sense of vulnerability, fear, and serene calmness. If you’ve never sessioned with a Domme you trust before then that probably comes across as nonsensical and it may well be, but it’s exactly how I felt.

What followed was a controlled, methodical and clearly well thought out pattern of various types of impact play, carefully designed to push me into an otherworldly state of mind. As the cane strokes rained down She gently held my hand to reassure me that she was in control. I honestly don’t even know how long this part of our session lasted.

I lost all sense of time and coherent thought. Endorphins and dopamine were rushing around my brain drowning out whatever had been there before as I floated off into a mental state I had never experienced before. Merely hours before I had been nervous and anxious beyond belief, but by this point I had forgotten what nerves and anxiety were as I was carried away by the high She had induced within me.

Some time later I felt the cane strokes stop and a warm, weighted blanket being placed over me. I was still tightly secured with no possible escape, but I felt safe and calm in a way I don’t remember ever feeling before. She whispered in my ear that I should lay there for as long as I needed, and that’s exactly what I did as my mind carried on floating away in its new reality.


Eventually I regained some presence of mind and was asked if I’d like to go and take another hot shower, which is what I proceeded to do. After my shower we again sat at the table where our conversation had first started, and while we waited for our Sushi to arrive we continued to talk.

The meal was delicious and the conversation carried on until I realized that I’d been there for several hours and we were entering the early hours of the morning.

She kindly waited with me outside to ensure I made it safely into the taxi, and I went back to my hotel for the night.

Life-changing experience

The high continued well into the next day, but the catharsis I felt from the whole experience still to this day hasn’t completely died off. I no longer feel ashamed of my kinks, instead I feel proud that I did something to satiate them. That’s the thing about repression, it’s curable, you just have to find the right person to help you cure it.

Since then I’ve made monthly visits to Goddess Cleo a part of my routine. I now dedicate a couple of days per month to seeing Her for 48 hour sessions which have become a source of great relief and liberation. Maybe one day I’ll write about those too, but for now you’ll have to just use your imagination as to what they entail.

Gratitude towards Goddess Cleo

The gratitude I have towards Goddess Cleo cannot be overstated. This isn’t some instadomme who just shouts and swears and tells you you’re a loser. This is an artist who will enslave your body and free your mind. If you’re considering booking a session with Her, I implore you for your own sake to just get on and do it. As Jon Irenicus said; “Follow, and receive the gift you are owed by the blood in your veins”.

By Alice ❤️

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