When I was a 16-year-old kid, I got to go to West Berlin during the heyday of the cold war. It was sex central. Sex shops on ever corner and “Real Fucking Show’s” on every block. I found a porn magazine I small enough to smuggle back to South Africa with the hottest photos and a few stories in the back that I read repeatedly through my 30’s. One was about a mother daughter team of hookers who were fucking a client. At the end of the tale, the mother, who was eating her daughter’s pussy while getting fucked in the ass, turned to the John and said, “hurry up and cum then piss in my ass before you lose your hard on.”

My watersports journey


So began my curiosity with watersports. I fantasized about water sports for a long time before I had the chance to explore my fetish in reality. My long-term marriage was over, and so I took a deep dive into kink.  I was regularly using and fucking a submissive masochist I had met. I had been drinking liquids all afternoon and when she arrived for the scene, my bladder was already full. An hour later I told her during what turned out to be a very hardcore scene now several months into our dynamic, that I was going to fuck and then piss in her ass. She blanched and said, “yes sir” and she crawled to the bathroom on my cue. She bent over and leaned on the bathtub whimpering. 

While I was fucking her ass, I thought about how long I had fantasized about pissing in my slut’s ass. It has been a good 40 years. I slowly fucked her ass thinking about what was to come and how long I had stroked my cock fantasizing about this event that was about to occur. I was high! 

I was unable to cum with my bladder full, so at a certain point I asked her to stop moving and hold still so I could coax my now shy bladder to release. I am standing here with my hard cock buried in her ass as she is standing legs astride bent over and hanging on to the bathtub. I tell her to masturbate while I try to piss.  She starts stroking her pussy. She is saying “I am a dirty whore” and “I am so filthy” as my bladder tries to release. 

I don’t know if it is the situation, the fear, the excitement or just that I have a massive hard on, but try as I might, getting my bladder to let go and fill her ass was taking a while. I was really excited about living into a fantasy I had had for 40 years after all. Eventually though, I relaxed enough and felt the urine making its way down my urethra. I sighed as she moaned  “I’m dirty, I’m disgusting, I am your toilet” and so on as I had the deep satisfaction of emptying a very full bladder that I had been working on for hours, released into her ass while she whimpered in self-disgust. 

What followed with that slut was conditioning her to drink my piss, first by pissing in her mouth, for several sessions, and then by enrolling her in doing my bidding. I remember one night where I pissed in her mouth 4 times during the evening after we drank a couple bottles of wine through the night. In the end, she became my piss drinking slut and actually felt the urge to please me this way often enough that when time passed and I had not pissed in her mouth, she requested that I “please do” so. 

When it comes to watersports, I am definitely a “giver” and the women I play with are “receivers”. For me, it’s an act of power. I mark my slut because she belongs to me. After that initial piss slut, I had several playmates with whom I enjoyed watersports to one degree or another. Some who swallowed and some who did not. Some who wanted me to piss on them and some who wanted to piss on me (not my thing). Nevertheless, it was not until my current dynamic that I really understood my predilection for piss play newly. 

Pissing on my slut

For me, pissing in my slut’s ass and pissing in her mouth are both contextually what I consider acts of marking her to be. When I first claimed Lady Petra, one of the elements of claiming her related to being pissed in her ass and down her throat in addition to being caned. Marked inside and out. What has occurred since is that piss play is very much a part of our scene as well. We incorporate piss play, primarily in the form of pissing in her ass, as part of play quite often. We both love it.  I remember a recent circumstance where I told her that I planned to piss in her ass while we were out on a walk and when we were approaching home she said, “Is your bladder full daddy?” to remind me that she was expecting me to piss in her ass. She loves to masturbate while I do that, and she has often experienced climax at the thought. We both consider piss play in our dynamic to  be a sacred experience. 

When I collared her again recently, we incorporated “marking inside and out” into the ceremony and after I pissed in her ass, which I did after I had caned her, she then took me in her mouth and I emptied my bladder down her throat, and because she is such a good girl for Daddy, she didn’t spill a drop. 

There is a moment when I piss down her throat that we make eye contact and there is so much love present between us that my piss nourishes her soul. Its really a beautiful moment. 

Watersports and piss play


In piss play generally there is more to consider outside of the activities we enjoy that others engage in. For example, we spoke to a Hotwife/cuck couple recently, and among other things, he serves as her “toilet paper” by cleaning her pussy after she pees. There are Slaves I have talked to who take their Master and Mistress’s piss down her throat every morning and has so for more than 10 years without missing a day. One of my personal favorite moments in my dynamic with Lady Petra occurred one Sunday morning when I had a hard on and I eased my way into Lady Petra’s ass and then took my morning piss in her ass. It was a lifelong dream, although it’s a hard way to take that morning piss if I am honest. 

There are girls who are turned on by the filth of watersports, one I fucked who after I had taken a long piss brought about by drinking several adult beverages on her face and tits in the tub, because we had left the plug in, there was a piss puddle in the tub, and I then fucked her with her face pressed into the puddle of piss after she got out of the tub and leaned over the edge. She liked that feeling of being used like a dirty whore. I have talked to other women who have done piss parties where they sit in a tub and the other guests use her like a toilet, men and women and as the evening goes on the puddle gets deeper. I have talked to a sub who was chained in a urinal with a sign around her neck alerting men visiting the stall that she was expecting to be pissed on. I had another conversation with a woman who would serve as ”the pisser” during football games for her husband and all his friends who had come over to watch the game so they would not have to miss the game. Any gent wanting to get rid of the beer he had rented could go to the back of the couch where she was kneeling waiting and watch the game while they pissed down her throat.  

Another aspect of piss play I quite enjoy is forced pissing in blue jeans. I have had the pleasure of watching a couple of different subs forced to hold their piss for as long as they can as I ply them with beverages until they are literally dancing to avoid losing their bladder. Then the amazing relief they experience as they piss in their pants and the blue jeans track the piss by darkening as the piss makes its way down. 

Pissing in public is also a fetish. I have had the occasion to take Lady Petra on a walk at the pier where she got to the point of needing to void and then we had her drop her shorts to take a leak in pubic. That is more about enjoying the discomfort of others since she is not shy about pissing in public. In the Far East this is a common fetish I understand. 

Watersports fall into that category of fetishes that collectively are known as degradation fetishes. In the Latex/rubber world, for example, there are masks that are connected by tubes between the upper and bottom half and subs are managed such that they drink their own piss repeatedly. 

Degradation and humiliation play

I have long been curious about degradation and humiliation play and I have realized that there is an arousal response that occurs when someone is humiliated or degraded. The arousal response is the constellation of physiological changes—e.g., increased muscle tension, tachycardia and secretion of catecholamines—which help to prepare the body for expenditure of a large amount of energy; also known as. the “fight-or-flight response”. For some people, that response occurs to them as sexually arousing.  

The fight or flight response can occur as sexual arousal because the “sexual arousal response” is quite similar in some ways to the fight or flight response. The sexual arousal response is the sequence of physical and emotional changes that occur as a person becomes sexually aroused. The sexual arousal response occurs in 3 phases.  It’s during the first 2 phases, desire (or libido), and arousal (excitement), that the person who finds humiliation and degradation play, such as piss play, arousing might also find that experiencing the fight or flight response is similarly arousing.  

I have played with submissives who are definitely aroused by fear. The fear of being punished, the fear of being used hard and so on. Well in the case of the submissive women I have encountered who are aroused by fear, they compress the feelings of fear with their feelings of sexual arousal and so they seek situations where they can be humiliated or degraded as part of their sexual self-expression.  

Key experiences of watersports

During the first phase of sexual arousal, which can last from a few minutes to several hours, (like during a play scene), a person may experience any of the following:  

– Muscle tension increase  

– Heart rate quickening  

– More rapid breathing  

– Flushing of the skin  

– Nipple erection and hardening  

– Genital blood flow increases resulting in erection of the penis and swelling of the labia and clitoris  

– Vaginal lubrication beginning and vaginal walls swelling 

– The breasts become fuller  

– The testes swell, and the scrotum tightens, and he begins secreting lubricating liquid  

These are the physical changes that could occur during this first phase, but it’s quite conceivable that a person may also experience one or more of these symptoms directly as a result of being humiliated or degraded which illustrates how humiliation and degradation can easily be interpreted as sexually arousing.  During the second phase of sexual arousal, those changes listed are intensified with breathing, heart rate and blood pressure also increasing. It’s easy to imagine how the fight or flight response can be experienced as sexual arousal then, because the physiological changes that occur in both are so similar.

There are whole kink constructs developed around humiliation and degradation. Take the example of the husband with a tiny penis who is cuckhold by his wife who dates men with much large dicks and who constantly humiliates him by saying things like “you could never satisfy me with that tiny dick” or “put that in a cage,  it’s not needed any more, a real man will fuck me,” or “who gets to fuck in this dynamic?” and so on. I recently met such a small penis kinkster who is 8 months in chastity and who is being sissified by his Mistress who humiliates him to the point that he is required to dress in women’s lingerie and service her and the large-dicked men, also known as Bulls, she brings home. To please her, he fluffs the Bull and cleans her pussy or ass after the Bull fucks her, and then he cleans the Bull’s dick. He does not identify as gay or bi. His entire world of sexual arousal is based on humiliation and degradation, and for sure that is just one example of a hundred possible scenarios. On the other hand, in a typical heterosexual relationship, the male partner may experience arousal when his partner says things to him like “I’m going to fuck your sissy ass” while she fingers his ass and massages his prostate, with that level of humiliation being more than enough to sexually arouse him to his satisfaction. Similarly, my slut likes me to call her “a dirty girl”, and “a filthy whore” because she enjoys ass to mouth, which I also love. I will also add that as a sexual sadist, I get a certain rise out of doing things that are humiliating or degrading to my slut. From putting her in a cage with ginger in her ass to pissing down her throat after I have caned her ass, these acts cause a sexually arousing physiological response in me as well as in her such that we both thrive sexually.  

Consider that something occurs as humiliating only if the person being targeted with the humiliating task or phrase experience the phrase or task as humiliating. At the same time, I humiliate my slut by calling her a “filthy whore”, which arouses her, and so even though its clearly degrading to call her – someone I love – a” filthy whore’, in context it serves to arouse her.  

The argument then, is that for humiliation and degradation to make sense in a sexual scene, the target of that humiliation and degradation needs to be sexually aroused by the humiliation. If I were to call my slut “a filthy whore” and it has the impact of making her feel bad, then that would take her out of a sexual context and disrupt the scene.  

When I piss in my slut’s ass, it is a very dominant act that is degrading to her on one level, but on another level, she is deeply aroused by my doing so, to the point that she vigorously masturbates to climax while I do so.  Context is everything. 

Humiliation and degradation are kinks. They are a fetish, but unlike say, flogging, or pissing on a person, which is very much physical, they are also kinks that can expand the dynamic by indirect arousal. They do so as either direct or indirect stimuli. They are not always as direct as piss play. Whether its direct like being pissed on, or indirect like a spoken phrase, incorporating humiliation and degradation into your dynamic is really about getting into your partner’s  head.  

All sexual encounters are ultimately psychological encounters in the end. Sure, being pissed on itself is physical, but it is the degree of arousal and the intensity of the experience that fetishes and kinks play on which makes the experience more psychological than physical, no matter how intense physically. 

Watersports are a very kinky form of play that we enjoy in our dynamic. She is my submissive and being my submissive means also being my piss slut. This was established before we met, and she and I had alignment on this fetish immediately. For the entire duration of our dynamic, the context of our experience together is that one of our mutual fetishes is piss play. 

Watersports for 24/7 Kinksters

We are very kinky people. We live in a 24/7 TPE. Consider that. It is an “always on, total power exchange”.  She has gifted me her power when it comes to our sexual dynamic and our relationship. This means that when I tell her to get ready, she stops what she is doing, she goes off to the bathroom and she prepares herself to be a 3-hole whore. She prepares herself like she is going out on a date, she makes up her face, she voids her bowel and bladder, she crawls to the living room, and she kneels on the floor to wait for me to use her. She understands that whatever I choose to do, she is prepared for. I have her complete consent. This is a dynamic that is completely based in trust. She knows me as a sensual sadist and a generous lover. She knows that I love her and that I do not break my toys. She also knows that there is nothing wrong and so it is of no concern to me or her if she reds out. With that knowledge she will literally do whatever I ask her to do in order to please me, because she belongs to me, and she is my service slut. The degrading things I do to her, from a daily maintenance spanking to pissing in her ass or down her throat or making her piss in her jeans in public are just part of her experience of our deep arousal and they heat up our already hot scenes. When we play, we experience every sexual encounter with each other as a very intense encounter which is so very steamy that we are left quite literally exhausted after we play no matter what we do. 

Humiliation and degradation, especially in the form of piss play, are absorbed into our dynamic and they keep our sexual self-expression hotter and more exciting than ever. And the key thing is that she is aroused by being used, and when I use her in a degrading way or when I say the humiliating things I say to her, her arousal is deepened. For example, imagine how she must be feeling to have the overwhelming urge to masturbate and slap her clit hard while I am pissing in her ass at the end of an intense scene. She does this volitionally and organically and not because I gave her an instruction to do so. It is her self-expression as she explores her experience of intense arousal during a degrading act.  

Early on I asked her how it occurred to her when I pissed down her throat? She said that she considered my choice to piss down her throat as “a very erotic gift of my love” of her. Remember, in kink, any kink dynamic or scene, it always boils down to consent. Every kink or fetish you engage in as a Dom with an s-type MUST start with consent.  

With consent, anything goes, including piss play.  

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