3 Ways to raise your Vibration

Ways to raise your vibration you say? Happy New Year Guys. We’ve made it to 2021. Woot! Woot! It’s a New Year. That means new vibrations, new challenges and setting new goals.

Today, I’m going to present to you 3 ways to raise your vibration in 2021. Let’s get right into it. 

Ways to raise your vibration

1. Affirmations

Writing down, listening to, repeating affirmations and tapping into the feeling of an affirmation is a fantastic way to raise your vibration.  

Let’s use this affirmation as example.

I get to live the life beyond my wildest dreams

When you repeat it, say it out aloud. Place your hands over your heart and tap into the feeling. Focus on the feeling! Whether that is the feeling of freedom or abundance or love. As you feel it, breathe through your nose and then let it out through your mouth and then move on to the next affirmation.

Here’s a tip on making affirmations more powerful.

So let’s pick an affirmation, shall we?

‘I am confident and courageous’

I want you to think of a time when you felt most confident and courageous. Think back to your body language and your tonality. Let that feeling sink in. Think back to how good you felt! Now say your affirmation whilst you breathe it in and then let it out through your mouth. That must feel good, right? You see what you did there? You gave your brain confirmation that your are confident and courageous.

I love writing my own affirmations. I recommend you do the same and to be as creative as you want to be. I record all my affirmations on my mobile phone. 

When I record my affirmations, I usually leave a 15 second gap between each one. So then I have enough time to listen to it and then repeat it out aloud. I usually listen and repeat my affirmations, when I’m alone in my car. 

You can do this while you’re driving to an appointment, an interview or to the shops. Whatever man! 

Listening to and repeating affirmations with conviction, confidence and to focus on the feeling is a natural way to boost your energy.

2. Make a playlist for different moods. 

I love making playlists for different moods. I use the frequencies in music to match my vibrational energy.

E.g before working out I like to listen to energetic artists and production. So I will listen to artists like M.O.P, Onyx, Run The Jewels. The moment I listen to Ante Up by M.O.P. I transition into a fitness warrior. 

In the evenings when I feel more chilled-out, I like to listen to montoned artists like Roc Marciano, Ka, Little Brother. I love listening to smooth production like 9th wonder and Exile. 

When I’m in a chilled-out, positive, happy mood. I like to listen to artists like Quasimoto and MF DOOM (R.I.P) listening to Quas and DOOM always puts me in a good mood. 

3. Create a bucketlist

I love creating bucket lists. I can seriously list things forever. However, I do try and be as realistic as possible. Sometimes I would write something on my bucket list and I forget about it. At some point, I will revisit my bucket list and I will say Holy Shit and I will tick-off 20 things. Boy does it feel darn good to do that.

Oh, btw… I’ve added a Triple-Domme session to my bucket list for 2021. I can’t friggin’ wait for that day. 

There you have it guys – 3 ways to raise your vibration in 2021!

So what are your daily affirmations? Do you like making new playlists? What’s on your bucket list for 2021? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love,


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