What are Incels and why are incel communities dangerous?

Wassup people? So, what are incels, why does Podopheleus want to to write them a letter and how can higher vibrations help? Lots of questions so let’s get started shall we?

What are Incels?

Incels also known as involuntary celibates are a toxic misogynistic male supremacist group. 

In layman’s terms – a hate group of sexually frustrated men. 

Many incels feel that they are unattractive and unlovable. Some are socially awkward. Additionally, incels hold women accountable for their lack of sexual intimacy. 

So, in layman’s terms – Incels blame women for not getting laid 😮

Where did the word ‘incel’ come from?

The word was coined in 1993 by a college student named ‘Alana’ from Toronto, Ontario. Alana created a website called “Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project”, in which Alana used to discuss her sexual inactivity with others. 

What do Incels believe in?

Incels believe in male supremacy and feel they deserve or are entitled to the ol’ rumpy-pumpy! Crikey! Lookie here, I’m no fortune teller but I believe that incels are not a huge fan of the word ‘consent’❕🤔

Their hatred for women has led to forming online hate communities. Furthermore, mass violence.

Have you guys heard of Elliot Rodger?

Elliott Rodger was a 22-year-old lonely, virgin, misogynist, misfit, incel mass murderer! He despised good looking women for not sleeping with him and detested guys who were more successful at dating. 

On the 23rd May 2014, in Isla Vista, California, Elliott Rodger, shockingly killed six people and wounded fourteen others by gunfire, stabbing and vehicle ramming. He took his own life a short time later.

Prior to the attack, Elliott uploaded a video on YouTube titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” detailing his planned attack. Additionally, pointing out “I’m the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at all these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman.” 

Pretty shocking, Huh?

Erm.. so how does one become an incel❓

The million dollar question is why do men feel entitled to sex?

What stories are they telling themselves? Is society to blame? Hmm… 🤔

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? Okie-dokie! So, a lot of young virgin men feel inferior and despise themselves because they have never had sex. It goes without saying that society doesn’t help the situation at all. If anything, society adds fuel to the fire. Many young virgin men are often bullied and teased pitilessly. They feel pressured to have sex because there’s a lot of peer pressure.

Additionally, social media doesn’t help much either. There are too many voices on social media. I call it a blessing and a curse. When one starts playing the comparison game it causes one to drown in their insecurities. 

Once again let’s revisit Elliot Rodger’s story. Elliott was a good-looking kid. However, he struggled to get a girl to sleep with him. Potentially because he had no game or he had lack of self-confidence when talking to girls. The rejection from girls triggered resentment, anger, sadness, anxiety, jealousy, guilt, shame. Furthermore, the fear of never losing his virginity. 

Emotional frequency scaling

Let’s recap on what I said before In my blog ‘Why did you write Triple-Formed?‘ where I study the emotional frequency scale. I have outlined guilt, shame, fear and anger are ranked as low frequency/destructive. Guilt is ranked at 30. Shame is ranked at 20. Fear is ranked at 100 and anger is ranked at 150. It’s bizarre considering the highest frequency/expansive is enlightenment ranking at 700+.

Interestingly, Elliott has similarities to the character, Adam, from my novel Triple-Formed regards to experiencing the same low vibrational emotions. 

See, when one goes through a nervous emotional breakdown it’s only then one comes to a realization to either fight-or-flight. Unfortunately, Elliott’s emotions got the better of him which led to his murderous rampage and suicide.

I ask you again how does one become an incel?

Understanding Incels

Incels are just normal human beings just like you and me. 

Let me ask you this question. Can you be born an incel? Erm…🤔 No!

Being an incel is a choice.

It was said that Elliott Rodger had a happy childhood in England before the feelings of rejection and detachment began at school. I felt the same way at school. I was shy and I remember feeling unattractive, insecure and lonely. The only difference between myself and Elliott is that I never blamed women for my low vibrational emotions. I’ve always loved women. I understood at a very early age that blaming others sabotages relationships. 

Incels - Higher Vibrations

Let us imagine that Elliott had put all his energy into self-development aiming at developing his people skills. Practising gratitude. Learning to give without expecting anything in return. Focusing on how to get better at expressing his feelings as a substitute for expressing his venom on internet communities. Perhaps, the 2014 Isla Vista massacre could have been avoided. 

The Incel community – Warning

Being a part of the incel community can be highly dangerous. The incel community on Reddit had around 40,000 members until it was shut down. This brutality against women is a form of extremism that is spreading more rapidly than the Coronavirus. 

It’s a bit like group Meditation! A synergy is created when people meditate together. There is a strength in numbers.

We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. The Incel community will remain in a low vibrational frequency whilst the inner work brought about by group meditation shifts the meditators vibrational energy to a higher frequency.

One is negative whilst the other is positive. One is destructive whilst the other is expansive. Talk about having a balance, aye? This is exactly why incels will never find happiness in life.

“Nothing in your life will change, unless you change first!”


Podopheleus’s letter to Incels

Dear incels, 

You were not born an incel. It’s never too late to start your life over again. You are suffering from low vibrations because of your anger, jealousy, resentment towards women. It’s not too late to raise your vibration and to finally feel good enough. However, you must first 👇

  • Stop blaming women 
  • Practice self-acceptance, gratitude and self-love
  • Stop overthinking everything 
  • Set positive goals and take inspired action

Lastly, to have unwavering faith in the universe. 

Incels, I hope this blog was helpful and it inspires you to live your happiest life.

There we have it, guys. I would love to hear your feedback on this. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site. 

Much Love


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