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In today’s blog I’m going to clarify – what is a playspace? Or you can spell it as ‘play space’ – either way same same.  

What is a playspace? In essence a playspace is an area bound to BDSM activities. 

A BDSM play space could be a room in a whole building. Additionally, some Dommes have had their basements, garages and attics converted into a play space.

What is another name for a play space?

  • Dungeon (old-fashioned)
  • Studio (modern)

Okie dokie let’s take a look inside a play space, shall we? Please bear in mind that I can only speak from my own personal experience.

Inanna Studios London – Review – what is a playspace?

I’m a regular visitor of Inanna Studios owned by Mistress Adreena. This is a stunning private London Dungeon / Studio based in North London. 

I have to give it to Mistress Adreena. She has done a magnificent job in designing this BDSM play space. Inanna Studios was the first dungeon that I visited and it blew me away.

I always assumed a dungeon would have a dark medieval feel to it. However, Inanna Studios was designed in the style of a modern-day play space. Inanna Studios consists of two rooms.

What is a Playspace – The Green Room!

Are you nervous about your first session at Inanna Studios? Do not stress it you’ll beat stress the moment you step into the attractive Green Room.

The Green Room feels like an elegant living room in an exquisite luxurious apartment. It has a very unique style. It’s beautifully decorated with a touch of charm, the up-to-date design reflects Mistress Adreenas personality.

Furthermore, the gray walls are complemented by beautiful plants, gold ornaments, stunning framed photographs of Mistress Adreena, a bookcase, a bar/coffee area, a settee and a coffee table. Credit to Mistress Adreena for choosing the perfect lighting; it’s not too dark or too bright. 

My first session went down in the Green Room. A 1-hour foot gagging session that changed my life. 

What is a playspace? – Main Room – (this is where the fun begins!)

This is a larger space. Once again I take my hat off to Mistress Adreena for incorporating a sexy, quirky and unique vibe. Sleek in grey, black, gold and adding plants to help purify the air. Furthermore, allow me to point out the empty bottles of widow Jane as studio decor makes the main room look gorgeous. 

Are you nervous about your first session in the Main Room?  Don’t disturb yourself you’ll beat stress the moment Mistress Adreena eases your mind with her chillaxing playlist. 

The main room has bondage furniture essentials for all your fetishes and kinks. A number of examples include ?

  • Anal fuck machine
  • Bondage bench
  • BDSM chair 
  • BDSM Stockades and Crosses
  • Coffee table style cage 
  • Leather BDSM Swing
  • And a great deal more.

Furthermore, it also has a shower room with a toilet. Additionally, Inanna Studios has a drawer of sex toys. Just to name a few there are:

  • Different sized dildos 
  • Butt-plugs
  • Prostate massagers

To see the full list please click the link below ?


I highly recommend visiting Inanna Studio at least once in your lifetime! From the bottom of one’s ❤️, you won’t regret it! 

So what you friggin’ waiting for? Book your session at Inanna Studios right friggin’ now. If you’ve never visited a Dominatrix before check out this blog for guidance on How to fill out a submissive submit form.

Hold up! I’m writing this while we are in Tier 4 Lockdown. Oops! My bad! 

What are Playspace Rules?

Inanna Studios - What is a playspace

Now Kinksters, we’ve covered ‘What is a playspace’ – So, let’s now talk about some of the play space rules, shall we? Hopefully this list is more just common sense rather than rocket science!

  • Constantly be respectful.
  • Always be punctual.
  • Do not touch your Dominant unless given express permission.
  • Never negotiate fees at a session.
  • Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.
  • Never arrive to a play space as drunk as a bowled owl or baked.
  • Do not speak badly of other Dommes.
  • Do not ask for sexual intercourse.
  • Do not ask for Blowjobs, cunnilingus, hand jobs etc. 
  • Respect your Dominants hard limits
  • If you arrive at your session earlier than expected. Be patient and wait for your time. 
  • Remember to be human – say thank you at the end of your session!

There you have it play space lovers!!! – What is a playspace?

What is a Playspace? Innana Studio Review

There we have it, Kinky People!

Have YOU ever wondered what is a playspace? Have YOU ever visited a play space? What was your experience like?

Also, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @podofeleus and Instagram.

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