What is Cuck Week? INTERVIEW with ‘The Hopeful Cuck’

Podopheleus interviews ‘The Hopeful Cuck’ – What is cuck week?

Hello, and happy cuck week! Did you know that cuck week is from January 25th to January 31st, I know right? 

So, what exactly is cuck week? How did it come about? What do cuck couples most love about cuck week? Okay, I truly do not have the answers to these questions. However, I do know someone who has. 

So, please allow me to introduce you to The Hopeful Cuck

I am The Hopeful Cuck. I am married to my Mistress @TatyanaFLR. We exist in a 24/7 TPE (total power exchange). What this means, for those who don’t fully understand, Mistress is completely in control of our relationship. She sets rules and limits for me. She makes decisions about the household, and our daily lives. For example, she decides where we vacation, or what color we will paint the house. 

Her word is law, and I obey. I am in awe and in love with her direct nature, and her leadership. She is also my Cuckoldress. She can take any liver she chooses. Where she chooses, how she chooses. We have a contract for some of the items between us, but mostly, I just completely trust her with my well being, and our relationship.  

1. For the uninitiated what is cuck week? 

This isn’t complicated at all. Many Cucks feel shame for the way they express their sexuality. For example, many “traditional” men would look at my FLR lifestyle (Female Led Relationship), never mind my wife fucking larger, stronger men, and simply not understand.

Instead of trying to understand, they’d judge. Cucks know this, and frequently live in shame, and fill occlusion. @drdavidley wrote “Insatiable Wives”, a book about cuckolding, the Bible of cuckolding, and this week it is being released as an audio book. To celebrate, he and many of the women of the lifestyle, who are the real stars, decided to honor the men who are the cuckolds. 

Cuck Week – FLR lifestyle

We are occasionally accused of being weak, but I promise you, it takes great strength to hold your wife’s legs open for a man who will give her an experience that you can’t! Most men cannot do it. Cucks can! Just because I cannot make her cum that way doesn’t mean she should be able to!

I love her enough to let her have experiences that please her in ways that I simply cannot. It’s about seeing the world and her love as abundance. She doesn’t lose the capacity to be intimately involved with me because she is fucking someone else, in fact, her libido is up, our sex life is better than it has ever been! 

2. So, how does one celebrate cuck week?

For us, it’s been about outreach! Listening to podcasts, talking to podcasters. We did an appearance with Michael C and @keysandanklets last night about our Femdom/cuckolding dynamic. As a way to normalize the lifestyle. I gave an interview to @saffermaster206 for Kinky Cocktail hour and my Mistress talked to @consentingadults and I’m scheduled to talk to them later this week, too. 

We are trying to make people aware that we are all just humans trying to feel whole, and to enjoy our sexuality.  

3. What did cuck week actually consist of for you? 

Well, I had been free for a couple of weeks. She caged me. She has a video date tomorrow with a man she’s interested in. Checking chemistry. She’s doing a project to uplift cucks. She heard from over 70 people. 

We believe that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but that it is a valid and loving choice for so many. Everything about it demands communication! Communication is key!! So we have spent much of this week just talking. Figuring out more! Also, one pretty intense punishment. I made a mistake. She corrected my behavior.  

She put me on my belly, made me worship her feet, caged me, stepped on my head and made me promise to improve. She’s a badass boss bitch, man! 

4. How did cuck week become cuck week? Who came up with it?

@rosecaraway and @drdavidley to celebrate the release of his magnificent book. If you have cuck desires and haven’t read that book, you’re missing out. This week has produced many female centric media pieces that would be wonderful conversation starters. I would just caution people who wish to enter this lifestyle, it’s important to remember it’s not the porn version. And you need to sincerely want to see her chase her pleasure. You can ask her to do it, but you can’t tell her how to do it, period. Make sure you’re committed! 

5. How do Hotwives celebrate cuck week? Do they do anything different from the norm?

Mistress is doing a project taking positives from cucks and trying to make a montage type thing to uplift cucks! 

6. How is cuck week different from the day-to-day life of a cuck couple?

I would suggest that it’s just a little more intense. So, for us, we spend time on outreach, anyway. We like talking about the magnificent relationship container that we have discovered. Cuck week really allowed us a platform to talk about it on an every deeper level. 

This lifestyle, this relationship model is hard work. None of it comes easy. You have to work, you have to be introspective, and you have to flatten your ego. I literally think about how I can please her better while I am shoveling snow.  

It just never stops.  Her first, period. 

7. What advice would you give to newbie cuck couples?

Communicate! Talk! Make connections with others in your role. Whether you’re a stag, a cuck, a hotwife or a Cuckoldress make friends with people in your role. They can provide support, guidance, and advice. They can also help with a myriad of situations that come up in the lifestyle.  

Take your time. There is no set speed limit, but there is no rush, either. 

Mistress and I have spent most of the last year just working on our communication skills and our personal dynamic. The more you talk about what you want, the more likely you will get it. 

The other thing that is so incredibly important to anyone who wants to get into the lifestyle, don’t let anyone else tell YOU how to do it. You should do it in the way that works best for you and your partner. Not based on a meme or a pushy Bull or a well meaning meme that doesn’t jive with your outlook. This is your journey. Do it your way.  

8. Lastly, why should one follow your account?

We are real people. We are in a real 24/7 TPE Cuckold relationship. We interact in our timelines. We tease, we laugh, we communicate in person. Our account is, in all humility, an expression of our love for one another, and I think an excellent example of the kind of communication necessary for this lifestyle. 

Plus, she’s really pretty and makes a lot of really sexy posts. She’s got a bomb ass, takes spectacular photos, and we are living our #FLR out loud on Twitter. It is entertaining, though up, and always positive.

There we have it, cucks & Cuckoldresses! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog on cuck week. A big Shout-Out to The Hopeful Cuck! Thank-You for answering my questions so thoughtfully.

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