What is Findom? Mistress Money Galore reveals all…

Hello, Findom Lovers! What is Findom? Why would one want to fritter money away without getting anything in return? Do you want to learn more? Awesome! Let’s friggin’ get started.

Introducing Findom Goddess – Mistress Money Galore!

Hello! I am Mistress Money Galore, a financial Dominatrix or Findom for short.  I am 32, 5ft 1 bisexual woman with perfect tattooed size 5 feet. My favourite kinks are Cuckolding, SPH, Foot worship and Ass worship. I am also trained in clinical hypnosis and studying Psychoanalysis.

1. To the uninitiated, how would you best explain what Financial Domination is?

Financial Domination is control over a submissive’s money and lifestyle, however this isn’t all you see on the different platforms.

There are many different levels of financial domination occurring. In its pure form that’s how I would describe it and this is consistent with long term arrangement. I believe it is down to each individual Domme to define how they see and run their version of financial domination.

I have often seen Domme’s who want to bankrupt their submissives, I don’t want this as I want a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial for both parties involved. I do have submissives whose part of their kink is to be bankrupted. This can be discussed out of session to come to an acceptable arrangement, so both parties are fulfilled.

There are many different levels of financial domination, for example lots of people complain about the instagram models on the scene, they frequently already have a big following and it very much appears to be tribute only, I don’t see much interaction or session content there.

Then we have the Domme’s who are ‘Give me money and fuck you’. It’s incredibly hard to define, there are many many kinks involved in Findom. Some people want to talk, some want to listen to me pee, some want to see censored pictures, most people want interaction for their money.

I think Findom has been portrayed incorrectly in the media, there are people that want to send with absolutely nothing in return but in my experience these are few and far between. For most people in my experience, it is exchanged for my time or content. Amount sent varies per person and equally then so does what they get in return. 

2. What makes a good Financial Dominatrix? 

Engagement and interaction are key, be yourself! Don’t try and be something you are not, you will only set yourself up for failure, how can you possibly keep an act long term and it makes it hard and exhausting work if you do this.

To become a Financial Dominatrix, you don’t need to be conventionally attractive, you need to be a dominant person, be able to take what’s rightfully yours and impose your will onto others, to make them want to serve you. A big part of that for me is really getting inside someone’s head. 

I think it is worth highlighting here, it is important to be age verified, there are many different platforms you can use for this, I prefer Loyal Fans.

It is also our duty to make sure the content isn’t being consumed by someone underage. Also depending on what the content of a session is, a safe word should be discussed and agreed upon. 

I also believe aftercare is a key element as so many suffer with mental health issues. There needs to be a safe space to express feelings and be supported.

3. Why would one want to give money to another person without receiving anything in return? What’s in it for them?

It is very rare in my experience that people send without getting anything in return. Sometimes my submissives will donate say £10/£20 for lurking on my page, I believe this will increase as my page grows, but 80-90% of my subs are interested in having interactions with me, so therefore they are getting something in return.

When someone does silently send, If I know who it is I will 100% engage with them and find out how else they can serve me.

It is rare for Findom to be their only kink, therefore it is used in conjunction with their other kinks to reach full satisfaction. Even when Financial domination is in it’s purest form it still isn’t for nothing, they gain a relationship with their Domme and the way I see it, it is to push that person to become the best version of themselves and this is inside and outside of the bedroom. 

I spend a lot of time engaging with people, talking to them, asking them questions, and people enjoy talking about themselves. Find out what they do for work etc, this is all valuable information to me as to what they will be able to afford to spend on me.

I know my top subs tend to be doctors, men in high responsibility roles. They do get something for their money, they get my time and my time is expensive.

4. Do you ask questions in relation to one’s financial status before accepting funds from them, (for example, history of debts, bankruptcy, gambling addictions etc.)

When I start engaging with someone and if they say they are struggling, I would talk through their options and assess the situation. Go through a budget of what they can afford.

I don’t lead with the questions initially but as you get to know someone you understand what their financial situation is like.

I personally do not push anyone who has an addiction or any kind of problem. I believe I mentioned earlier, it should be fun and when it stops being fun, you should seek help (which I am also here for therapy is £75 per hour 🙂)

5. How did you get into Financial Domination? Is this your full time profession? Or a side hustle?

When I started this, I thought it would be a side hustle but within the first 3 weeks I realised it could and would be my full time job.

This is my full time job now, I had been thinking about starting an Onlyfans but didn’t think it would get very far as I didn’t want to show my nipples or lady garden, then one day I saw a Tik Tok of findom and showed my partner and said this is what I am going to do and he has supported me from day one. He now has the best job in the world helping me shoot content.

I was already a kinky bitch, so I started researching and once I started it took off surprisingly quick and I’ve not looked back.

6. Financial Domination is all about receiving money from someone else, does that mean you only do it for the money or is there more to it than that?

It’s way more than the money for me, I actually find it therapeutic and I know that lots of my subs feel the same as well.

I was married to an unfortunate man and I get to take out aggression from that relationship in a way that is benefiting both parties. They want humiliating and degrading and I want to give it to them. This is why I particularly enjoy taking Austrailans money, that is where my ex is from. 

I have turned something negative to something positive, taking my negative past experiences from when I was younger and naive and driving into this and way of releasing the past, when it works perfectly and everyone gets what they want. 

7. How do you filter through who is a time waster and who is a genuine ‘paypig?’ Whilst on that topic, can you break down some of the most commonly used ‘Findom terms?’

It’s easy if they send you money then they are not a time waster. I think you have to limit yourself on how much effort you’re going to put into someone without them sending. Don’t let them waste your time, if they are genuine they will send and if they don’t they are a time waster.

Unlike many Mistress’ I don’t have a tribute fee to DM, so I do get lots of messages. How I sort through these? I check their page, what tweets they have liked/posted, any interactions with other Dommes, check their name – see if anyone has called them out as a time waster. If it’s too good to be true then it normally is.

If someone slides in the DM’s saying i’m going to give you £500 for 1 hour of skype for instance they are almost certainly a timewaster. Can I get 500 pounds in an hour on skype? yes but during a drain session with a regular sub.. Sugar Daddy ones are often fake I find.  

Here are some basic terms used in Findom:

  • Findom – short for financial domination 
  • Lurker – someone liking and RTing content but not interacting
  • Footboy- anyone who likes feet
  • Human ATM – sub that acts like a ATM (my favourite, so much fun!)
  • Whalesub – Sub that sends a large amount
  • Catfish – self explanatory (sometimes people create pages with famous people etc)
  • Paypig/Cashcow/Cashslave/Finsub – all terms for a paying sub
  • Wallet drain – repeatedly taking amounts through the session, often until they have nothing left to spend 

8. Lastly, tell us something incredibly unique about yourself?

When I lived in Australia, I had a working holiday visa so needed to complete 3 months of farm work. I lived just outside of Melbourne on a farm picking apples and pears. I was the only female to drive a tractor on the farm and that therefore it bought a lot of attention. There were people from many different cultures working on this farm and one day the farmer stepped in after he caught one of the gentlemen taking photographs of me while I was working.

This is why, when I look back, I feel I have always been coming to this point in my life and I love it!

What is findom….. There we have it, Findom Lovers! 

A huge Shout-Out to the Findom Goddess – Mistress Money Galore! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

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