Guest Blog: “What is the Queen Bee Society? by Miss Kim Rub

The Queen Bee Society is about bringing strong powerful, entrepreneurial, independent queens together to celebrate the sisterhood.

When queen bees swarm, you’d better beware!

Bringing queen bees together is the prime objective of this drinks gathering. This event is free, as it’s held in a public bar, I would also not not like to profiteer off my fellow queens. The sisterhood Is real.

Gathering the ladies for this event started with an occasional tweet from my Twitter pages @misskimrub and @queenbeedrinks, I soon realised the best course of action was to individually invite the ladies. As there are hundreds of UK Domme’s it takes me a while and some ladies get missed. Which is why I hope everyone will retweet it when they see it! Even though I send many many invitations ALL ladies are welcome.

If you see this or a tweet, please do not wait for an personal invitation, just come along. No one is excluded. However, this is a strictly ladies-only gathering. No one should bring their other half or slave. Full-time trans are also will come along.

Each event is normally held in Shoreditch, London E2. This Christmas there will be a special new location on November 25, 2022; the four seasons Hotel, Tower Hill near Tower Bridge. It is the most beautiful seven star hotel, with a huge stunning bar area.

All are encouraged to dress in their finery to each of the quarterly events. Wear your high Heels, hats, fur coats sparkly dresses, designer handbags and expensive jewellery.

We meet at 7pm and the public hotel bar which closes at 11 pm. If you’re coming on your own just look for me miss Kim, I’ve got pink hair, you can’t miss me.

Many many wonderful women have connected, ladies who would’ve never met before, had it not been for the Queen bee society. Because of our industry laws many of us work on our own, so we really need the opportunity to meet each other, unless of course you go to clubs. I’ve seen many groups formed as a result of meeting at the Queen Bee Society drinks, it’s a great opportunity to network and meet the Domme’s that you have seen on Twitter.

Considered by many as the dominant woman’s industry event.

I hope to see you all on November 25th when we can raise a glass of Christmas cheer.
Our first opportunity to have a mask free Christmas drink in two years. The Four Seasons Hotel will be beautifully decorated with a huge tree. Perfect for photos.

Let’s get together, it is Christmas after all!

There we have it, Queen Bees!

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