What keeps me sane? Erm. My habits! Really? Yup. Really!

What keeps me sane

Staying sane through routine 

Doing the same thing every day can be viewed as boring as house chores. However, repetition builds habits and habits help with self-development. Allow me go in detail, will ya?

1st habit: is knocking back 2-glasses of water the moment I roll out of bed. I do this because the moment I wake up I’m dehydrated, Goddammit! So I will have 2 glasses of water before eating. It also helps loosen the bowels. I hit the bog straight after. Get that shit out the way, Aye? Pun intended!  

Getting up early 

2nd habit: is waking up early. I used to sleep in a lot when I was younger. Some weekends I didn’t get outta bed until 12pm. Crikey! What was I thinking? What a self-sabotage of a day! I now wake up between 4:30am – 5am. I feel a lot sharper in the mornings.

I wrote this blog at 5am. See, doing something like writing avoids procrastination. Doooo eeeet first thing in the morning to avoid telling yourself you will do it later.

We all know what happens when later comes! You start feeling tired (Yahuhyaaawwn) and then you tell yourself I will do it tomorrow and guess what tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes oh you don’t feel like doing it no more. 

Keeping myself sane by being grateful!

3rd habit: came from purchasing a gratitude journal. It’s the most simple exercise in the cosmos. However, finding things to be grateful for feels so darn marvelous. 

Erm what’s there to be grateful for?

Are you having a laugh?! Everytime someone pays me. I write it in my Gratitude/Abundance Log and I thank the person who paid me. Each time someone follows me on social media or likes my post. I write it in my gratitude journal. I’m grateful for my health. I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. The list is endless.

Instead of complaining and wanting all the friggin’ time. Try thinking of all the fabulous things you already have in your life. Filling your heart with L-O-V-E is one of the most underrated ways to zooom your vibration

Reading to stay sane

My 4th habit is reading. I predominantly read 2-types of books.

1) Self-help books. I gain knowledge and I learn a lot of life lessons by reading self-help books. I also find it contributes to skyrocketing my vibration levels.

2) Graphic Novels. I find reading wild, visionary fictional tales. Enhances my imagination! 

Read my Highlights and Inspirations of 2020 blog for my TOP 5 self-help books and graphic novels.

I write to stay sane

What keeps me sane, I write

5th habit: is writing! Writing every single day gets my brain ti-ti-ticking. It gives me the freedom to monitor my thoughts and feelings. I give myself permission to self-improve.

My morning writing routine consists of writing in my gratitude journal and writing blogs, rhymes or sexual roleplays. In the evenings I journal. So I will ask myself questions such as:

‘In what respect am I better?’ ‘How could I improve?’ 

‘What did I do well?’ 

‘What not so well?’

‘What bad habit did I take stand against?’ 

Those questions get my brain ti-ti-ti-ticking on whole ‘nother level and has helped me find my feet. It’s like giving yourself a self appraisal. Self improvement/development is so important and putting your feelings down on paper will help you understand a lot about yourself.

Writing down solutions over complaining is taking a gargantuan leap to a better life.

Exercising to stay sane 

6th habit: is exercising. Exercising first thing in the morning. Gets my heart pu-pum-pumping! My blood flowing and it gives me that positive, happy, buzzing energetic feeling that continues throughout the day. Especially when I’m doing exercises like jumping squats. Oh Laawwd! My heart is racing like friggin’ krazy. 


7th habit: is meditation. After I finish my workout. I need to Slow Down like Brand Nubian and catch my breath. I meditate for 20 – 40 minutes every day and it helps calm my mind. I mentioned in a previous blog that sometimes I use meditation to focus on my breath and I try not to think about anything and other times I use it as visualisation meditation. It all depends on my mood really. Either way it does the trick.

How I stay sane – taking a cold shower 

8th habit: Is taking cold showers. Cold as ice like M.O.P. Yes I know what you’re thinking. Hey, it wakes my ass up, alright! After taking a cold shower I aam buuzzing. I have a cold shower every day regardless of the temperature. Even if it’s in the friggin’ minuses. Yup, I’m still having that ice cold shower, Goddammit!

Aye! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, Huh? Dooo eeet for a week and lemme know how you’re feeling afterwards. 

Additionally, it’s meant to help with weight loss and great for the skin. I’m not a friggin’ scientist though so don’t quote me on that. 

Anyhoo! That’s that! So what are your daily habits? I would looove to hear about them. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love,


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