Submissive Brat – What type are YOU?

What type of submissive brat are you? Are you a bratty sub? What type of brat are you? What are you seeking for? A punishment? A funishment?

Well well let’s talk about the different types of submissive brats, shall we? 

What type of submissive brat are you? – 3 categories

What type of submissive brat are you

Are you ready to get started? Coolio, let’s friggin’ do this!

1) Mentally Rehearsing Sessions

You have mentally rehearsed your session. You can’t stop replaying it over and over again in your head. You feel super excited about your upcoming session.

So you’ve just had your session (Hooray). However, you walked away from the session feeling dissatisfied. The question is, why? You know exactly what you wanted. There was a slight hiccup though, it was poorly communicated to your Domme. She had serious mixed messages from you. Dommes are not mind readers. So it’s important to be specific about what you want.

So what do you do when things don’t happen as planned? Will you throw a brat tantrum?

Now now be radically honest with yourself. Does this sound like you?

2) The Arrogant/Disobedient Submissive

You are totally submissive but you want to do it your way. 


A Domme commands you to kiss her feet. However, you want to lick, suck and gag on those feet ASAFP. You are an impatient brat. So you grab your Dommes foot and put the whole foot in your mouth. Oh dear. Tut-tut. (WHAP) oh come on. Stop sobbing! You deserve it. 


Are you the kind of brat that says “NO” to everything. Your Domme commands you to open your mouth. You look into her eyes and say “NO” being deliberately awkward because you wanna get forced facefucked

It’s a super frustrating session for your Domme because of your persistent arrogance and disobedience towards commands. 

Now now be radically honest with yourself. Does this sound like you?

3) The Brave Submissive

Is playful, stupid and cheeky. They will do or say something to provoke a reaction. 

I love winding up my Domme. I am always up to mischief. My heart gets all racy when I’m exceeding those boundaries to incite a more severe punishment/funishment. 

I know when I’ve said something I shouldn’t have. Oh gosh! I’m in real big trouble. However, I don’t feel guilty. Lol. I feel adrenaline rushing through me. Mentally preparing myself to be Facefucked to the limit. 

I love being a brat because I can control what happens next. E.g. I am being FaceFucked with a Vixen Mustang. However. I have an awesome gag-reflex and I want to be challenged. I will make snarky comments;

“I thought you wanted tears”

“I could do this for hours”

“Is your patience wearing thin? I thought you was more thick-skinned than this”


Furthermore. My Domme hates being called cute or adorable. 

So, while she is upsizing that dildo. I will say something along the lines of;

“Oh you look SO adorable today.” (WHAP) 

I just love pressing my Dommes buttons!

You know what comes next, right? No mercy for my throat! Oh btw. I don’t believe in safewords.

Additionally, there are brats out there that go to extreme measures. Hurling expletives at their Dommes. Brats have this appetite for harsh punishment. Brats will continue to push the boundaries further until their Dommes take full control and take it to the next NEXT level. 

So, what type of Submissive Brat are you?!

There you have it guys. So what type of submissive brat are you? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love



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