When Cuckolding Fantasies Cum True!

Podopheleus Guest Blog: When Cuckolding Fantasies Cum True! by @KinkyWebster

Living the dream in the south of France

It all started one fine sunny morning during spring. The sky was blue and the birds were singing. My wife Mel and I lived in one of the poshest parts in the south of France. We had everything you could possibly imagine or want.

A gorgeous mansion up in the hills with a view of the ocean and private yachts where we hosted grand parties for some of the top influences in the country. We had traveled to France following my appointment as a VP in one of the top technology companies out there.

As she would do every morning, Mel was out on the balcony sipping her coffee. Dressed in nothing else besides her soft white night gown, I could see her perfect derriere pointing at me as if to invite my cock as she leaned over the balcony. My cock was throbbing in my pyjama pants as I got out of bed and joined her on the balcony.

Mel was quite the nymphomaniac since I knew her. We fucked on our first date itself. Once I joined her on the balcony, it didn’t take her long to get me naked. She simply deep throat my cock like there was no tomorrow.

I was rock hard as she stood up and leaned over the balcony and spread her long tanned legs. “Fuck me daddy, I’ve been naughty”, she said as I started pounding her tight pussy doggy style.

Something’s missing!? 

No matter how much we had, and how good our life was including the sex was, Mel always wanted more. She had a fascination with big black cocks and cuckolding, as I had discovered from her browser history.

It was our anniversary, and I couldn’t think of a better way to treat her than to make her fantasy come true. I decided to turn myself into a cuck for her own pleasure.

I had the whole evening prepared. A candle lit dinner on our deck, facing the ocean watching the sunset. The finest champagne and caviar. She was gorgeous as ever in her long evening dress.

The long slit on her dress revealing her legs all the way up to her inner thigh as she crossed her legs. She caressed my arms as we finished dessert. Then I took out my first surprise of the night for her, a brand new diamond necklace.

Cuckolding Fantasies – Meeting Mike

Gifts always made her pussy drip. I could sense the excitement in her body as she breathed faster. She started biting my arms gently as I put the necklace on her. And just then, the door bell rang…

My second surprise for her had arrived. Mike, a well hung escort of African and French origin stood there at the door dressed very elegantly. I had booked him for the entire night.

I took him to the guest room where he would freshen up and strip down. I went and changed myself, transforming myself into a cuck slave. The metal cage looked good on my well built shaved body.

In the days of Cleopatra, this is what some of those sex slaves might have looked like. Well built, hung, but chastised and kept for her own pleasure.

Locked cuck husband 

As I returned to the deck, Mel was facing the ocean taking in the fresh ocean air. I approached her from behind, my hands stroking every curve of her body as I kissed her neck.

Her hands wondered over my body, reaching out for my cock and then she felt the metal. “What on earth is that sweetheart?” she said with a surprised but mischievous look. I knew it wasn’t the first time she had seen a cage.

I said no more as I took her hand and guided her to the guest room. “Tonight I’m your slave, and you will be satisfied by your secret bull, while I serve your every need”, I said as I opened the door.

There stood Mike, fully naked and hung like a bull. His soft cock must have been at least 6 inches. Mel did not need any invitation to enjoy her second meal of the evening, not did she need any introduction to cuckolding.

When Cuckolding Fantasies Cum True

As she stood there putting her tongue down Mike’s throat she said, “Now come here slave and prepare my pussy for this big bull cock”. She pushed my head between her legs and I gladly obliged as I proceeded to tongue fuck her.

She was already wet from all the surprises of the evening. My cock was in pain in the chastity cage, but it was worth it for the pleasure of my wife.

Mel got into bed with Mike as I watched on my knees the pounding she got. His 12 inch hard cock pounded her hard in doggy style as his balls slapped against her tight ass. Mel was moaning like she’d never done when we were in bed.

She did always like some control as well, and this day would be any different as they switched positions. She got into a reverse cowgirl not only to ride him like a nympho, but also to get a good look at my suffering. She grabbed Mike’s hands and made him stroke her perfect pert tits as I watched.

Cream pied

Mel loved getting cream pied. Mike released his thick load of cum in her pussy as she moaned and moaned into the loudest fucking orgasm. I stood by the side of the bed and cleaned her pussy with my mouth as Mike continued to make out with her and play with her tits.

It wasn’t long before they went into another fuck fest, nearly breaking the bed in two as Mel made sure her tight pussy was properly drilled with that big black cock.

As they finally fell asleep, I got up and went to sleep in my own room. I had just turned myself into a cuck. My wife would probably never want my cock again I thought, as I fell asleep.

The End

By @KinkyWebster

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