Why did you write Triple-Formed?

The D/S (Dominatrix/Submissive) world is a very excitable place to be in. I see my myself as fortunate in my role of a men’s mental health supporter, a representative of advocacy for change, and expressing my views on mindfulness in sexuality. 

Firstly, I wanted to start off by saying this. It takes courage to step out of our comfort zones. My profound admiration to those practising self-acceptance and diving into a world of sexual exploration without feeling shame or guilt.

Since I’m not planning on having any more children lol Triple-Formed is my little Bundle of Joy. 

Why did you write Triple-Formed? 

Why did you write Triple-Formed?

If we study the emotional frequency scale. Guilt and shame are ranked as low frequency/destructive. Guilt is ranked at 30 and shame is ranked at 20. Both are at the bottom of the list. It’s bizarre considering the highest frequency/expansive is enlightenment ranking at 700+. Shame can cause incredible anxiety and distress. 

Triple-Formed is a journey through shame, guilt, anxiety, mental illness, low self-esteem, depression, addiction, sexuality, femdom, S&M and SO much more. Even though my book doesn’t give you a step-by-step guide on how to fix your problems. It will open your eyes. Advocating for change.

You could potentially view Triple-Formed as a Novices  guide to self-acceptance & sexual exploration. I hope it will educate a Novice Submissive on how they should conduct themselves around a Dominatrix. They will gain knowledge and insightful information that Dommes should not be taken for granted. If applied correctly a Novice Submissive will not only build a strong rapport with a Domme, but also maintain a strong D/S relationship.

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