Why is Journaling/ Scripting Rhymes good for mental health?

It’s been a stressful week so I’ve chosen to share with you why Journaling/Scripting Rhymes is good for mental health (at least my mental health anyway!). 

Okay. I’m going to be real with you.

This week has been one of those weeks. Let me fill you in. 

First, my cousin has breast cancer and is starting chemo next week.

Secondly, I think my mum might have dementia. 

Thirdly, looking after children while working from home is friggin’ stressful. 

This week I have been pulling my hair out. I’ve been feeling anxious and stressed for the most part of the week

However, today, I woke up and I thought to myself I need to get back to feeling positive. Even though I have been under a lot of stress. In some way, I seemed to have mustered the strength to journal/script rhymes and I just wanted to share this with you.

I use journaling/scripting rhyming as a tool to getting back to spiritual alignment. 

So what is Scripting? 

In minor detail, scripting is a method where you journal/write down in detail the reality you want to manifest.

The secret is to write it down as if it has already happened – while emphasizing gratitude. 

For example, let’s just say you want to manifest a new car. You would write:

“I am so grateful for my new car it is modern and comes loaded with impressive technology and it feels great to drive”

Let me underline the feeling of gratitude is the secret here.

Good stuff! Okie dokie. In today’s rhymes I am not seeking to manifest cars, houses, luxury items. I’m journaling my feelings and using the scripting method to manifest how I want to feel.

For example,  this week I’ve been seeking validation. However, in my scripting I wrote:

“It’s funny how things come to fruition.

From the moment that I stopped seeking validation.”

When I wrote this it made me feel more optimistic. Journaling/scripting is a great way to reprogram your subconscious mind to overcome negativity.

From a bad day to a good day!

Okay. Let’s carry on, shall we? Are you ready to read my journaling/scripting rhymes? Coolio! Let’s do this! ?

“Each morn I wake up and read positive affirmations

It’s funny how things come to fruition

From the moment that I stopped seeking validation

I had to learn how to stop being a victim of my own expectations

Cultivating a optimistic thinking mind-set

See the pattern to live out my unique spiritual assignment

Good habits are steps to energetic alignment

I remember questioning what should I visualize?

I am seeing my reality shifting through spiritual eyes

This is my morning ritual guys. I need twenty minutes to thrive!

Every day is a new lesson. I’m still learning and determined

I’m still stressin while I am addressing my many blessings

Manifesting. I still have so many unanswered questions! 

Meditating. I stay focused. As still as a mannequin

Gathering positive energy while Astral travelling”


When we get stressed out it’s so easy to slip back into bad habits. In my rhymes I highlight that I am still stressing but at the same time I’m still counting my many blessings. Despite the fact that I was feeling negative. The last line reads:

“Gathering positive energy while Astral travelling”

We all go through rough patches guys. This week I’d been beating myself up mentally because I’d been struggling to write. I’d been thinking way too much. I’d been feeling overwhelmed. I was worried about my cousin. I was worried about my Mum. I’d allowed my little darlings to press my stress level buttons. I had fallen back into old habits. I had been seeking validation and I’d been wearing chunky victim goggles all friggin’ week. 

So, I wrote this rap-poem/scripting rhymes to raise my vibration. To improve my mood when I was feeling down. 

My favourite affirmation 

“I never lose. I either win or learn”

Nelson Mandela

So, how do you improve your mood when you’re feeling down? Have you tried scripting to manifest what you want? If you’ve read this far you may also be interested in my blog on Equanimity and What Keeps Me Sane.

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Much Love


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