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Lady Petra is exploring herself as a dominant with her Daddy. She is my collared slut who wears my marks and knows herself as my owned collared and marked slut. She is coming to terms with herself as a switch, which is to say, that she is both able to switch from submissive to Domme, on one hand, and she is also very comfortable as a Domme.

Day-to-day existence at work

Yes mistress

Her day-to-day existence at work has her function in a very dominant way. She is just starting to bring this frame of reference into her sexuality. On the weekends, we usually have marking scenes. We made the choice to switch in the middle so she could do a FemDom scene right after.

It was super-hot and very heady to be sure, for both of us, because we both switched roles right in the middle of the scene when I was in Domspace and she was in subspace. After we talked about it, we made the choice to try something different. So, the very next day, she took the reins of the scene with me in a submissive role from the get-go, and her in a dominant one to see how it played. A Mistress and her toy.

Our text exchange before she headed home was lit.

Me: “I’m getting pretty excited for you to be all Dommy this afternoon. Is the Show Leopard going to come out of her cage?”
Her: “Yes…I will bring forth my Snow Leopard!”
Me: “Are you going to tell me when to suck your swollen clit?”
Her: “I adore you!”
Me: “Are you going to feed me your puffy nipples while you stroke my cock?”
Her: (Laughs)
Me: “Are you going to stand over me telling me you are going to fuck my face?”
Her: (grinning)
Me: “Are you gonna tell me when I can cum?”
Her: “I’ll tell you when you can cum.”
Me: “Are you even going to let me touch myself?”
Her: “I am certainly going to let you touch yourself, but only when I say so!”
Me: “are you going to laugh at me and throw me a towel saying, “Clean that mess up!”?
Her: I think throwing a towel at you goes without saying, LOL.”
Me: “When you are in Snow Leopard mode, do I call you Mistress?
Her: “Yes, for today!”
Me: “Yes Mistress!”

She came home walking into my office saying, “Where is my toy?”

She kissed me hello and said, “I’m going to get ready” and she took herself off to the bathroom where she pulled her hair back, put on her bra strap, put nipple pumps on her nipples, and she put on makeup scent. I went to the living room and took off my clothes. I sat on the couch in a modified Nadu waiting for her.

She walked in, “Good boy!” she said as she stepped in front of me. She put her foot up on the arm of the couch and said, “Suck my clit”. “Thank you Mistress!” I said, and I made an effort to get at her and while I did OK, it was not ideal from her perspective. She abruptly sat on the couch saying, “Suck it properly!”, “Yes Mistress”, I said softly, as she spread her legs exposing her very swollen clit.

I pressed my face into her crotch, and took her clit into my mouth. I worked the length of it, feeling the thickness of the shaft that was so very engorged. She was moaning with pleasure, and in the middle of that she took my hands and said, “My nipples” as she guided them to her breasts.

The intensity of her moans grew as she vigorously pumped my mouth on her clit, pulling her clit out further and further as I pulled hard on her nipples. She had enough and pushed my head off of her clit, sitting up. “Take a photo of my clit!” she instructed. I searched for my phone and did as she asked. I noticed she was grinning with pleasure.

She said, “You have more work to do,” as she pushed her left breast toward my mouth. I took her swollen nipple in my mouth and worked it as she used her right hand to grab my cock and pump it as I sucked on her nipple.

Moaning with pleasure

She was moaning with pleasure for a time before she said, “Now the other one,” she took her right hand off my cock and pressed her nipple into my mouth as she grabbed my cock with her left hand. I sucked on her fat nipple enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh and that hard swollen nub as I worked it around in my mouth.

I was about to cum when she stopped moaning and pushed my head off her breast. “Lay down”, she said, throwing a pillow on the floor.

Touch yourself

I lay back and she stood up. “Lick your hand and stroke your cock for me!” she instructed, and I did as she told me. I was close to climax already, so I carefully stroked my cock while she sat on the couch playing with her clit. “Good boy”, she said, “I like watching you touch yourself for me”. She stood up and stepped forward straddling my legs.

Clit/face fucking

She used both hands to spread her lips allowing her clit to protrude. “I’m going to fuck your face with my clit” she said stroking either side of her clit with her fingers. “Don’t stop touching yourself. I like to see you touch your cock for me” she went on as she vigorously stroked and slapped at her clit.

She stepped toward my head. “OK, no more touching”. I took my hand from my cock as I stared up at her big swollen clit and her spectacular tits with those big swollen nipples.

She kneeled down and got herself comfortable on my chest, then using both hands to expose her swollen clit, she pressed herself into my mouth and I started to suck her as hard as I could. She said, “No touching” and she took her big nipples, one in each hand, and pulled hard as she gyrated on my face, repeatedly thrusting her clit ever deeper into my mouth.

Do not cum – “Yes Mistress!”

“Touch yourself”, she said looking back over her shoulder, “But do not cum!” I carefully stroked my cock trying not to cum while her face fucking got even more vigorous. It was hard, I was so aroused, and I could easily have shot my load. Luckily, she pulled off and crawled down to my feet to suck my cock.

Don’t cum, don’t cum. I was beside myself. I was off the charts aroused. I had to really suppress the urge to cum. She squeezed my balls hard and took me deep into her throat so I could feel her tonsils which I love. “Don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum” I thought as she worked my cock hard squeezing my balls even tighter.

Then, fortunately she pulled off, and returned to sit on my face once again. “Don’t touch your cock” she said as she pulled her pussy lips apart. Her now even more swollen and erect clit pressed deep into my mouth as she lost herself in her face fucking. I was not touching my cock, but I was close to shooting my load, so it was a pleasure when in the middle of her intense face fucking, she breathlessly said, “You can cum now”.

Time to cum

I took my cock in my right hand. It was rock hard. I stroked as she started to get into a very hot rhythm. She grabbed my head with both hands, and I stared up at her through her perfect tits and erect nipples as she started to cum.

She was making a lot of sexual sounding cumming noises and in that moment as she screamed organically, I felt myself begin to ejaculate. We came together, her in my mouth and me in my hand. I shot my load all over my chest and pumped myself dry while she finished.

She looked over her shoulder and laughed, “That is so damn hot!” she said. She climbed off me and kneeled by my side saying, “Here, your job is to keep my hair out of your cum, hold here, she put my hand on her ponytail. She then licked and sucked all of my cum off of me before saying as she stood up, “Don’t move, stay right there!” as she went off. I closed my eyes, happy.

She came back and threw a most towel at me with a stern, “Clean up your mess!”. “Yes Mistress”, I answered as I wiped myself down with the moist cloth, including her snail track on my chin. “Wow!” she said, “That was so hot!”

“I’ll make you a Martini Mistress” I said smiling as she left to clean up.


We sat drinking our martini’s holding hands and debriefing after the scene. It was really our first D/s FemDom scene. She shared that she “still feels urges to do things”, but notes that she is holding back and having a conversation in her head. I reminded her that I am a stand for her full self-expression. So, she needs to develop the presence of mind to move that conversation out of her head!

We talked about how to make it more interesting for her by giving her total control. She postulated that she might like to put lipstick on my lips so she can get “really messy” when she fucks my face, and she suggested that to keep us from slipping out of our role, that she places a play collar on my neck so that my role is clear to both of us.

Her legitimate concern is that I am her Dominant in a 24/7 dynamic and this FemDom scene is a very new consideration after 4 years of daily submission. I reminded her that she is safe to play with me and that we have safe words and scene stopping words to use if needed.

We also love each other and because I am a stand for her full self-expression, she gets to explore herself as a sexual creature regardless of how it occurs. We also agreed to continue to explore her as a Domme.

I do not consider myself a switch. I am more of a sensualist. I am susceptible to seduction, and she has taken to seducing me. I also get a lot of pleasure giving her pleasure, and I am enjoying watching her come out of her submissive shell. She told me she has a snow leopard inside waiting to get out! This is very exciting. She is my perfect submissive, and now she is becoming my perfect dominant.

Our text exchange today:

Me: Will Mistress feed me her nipples to suck today?
Her: Yes, feeding you my nipples pleases me. If you are a good toy, I will feed toy my clit
Me: I love to pleasure you Mistress
Her: I love that you want to give me pleasure, toy. Very good.
Me: Thank you Mistress
Her: Good toy.
Me: What evil things does Mistress have planned for her toy this afternoon?
Her: I am going to use my toy to give me pleasure. My toy is backed up and will cum on my command.
Me: Thank you Mistress.
Her: Toy will have to worship me from my toes to my knees to my pussy before getting nipple and clit play.
Me: Thank you Mistress
Her: I love you Toy
Me: I love you Mistress

Jump feet first into the rabbit hole… Yes Mistress!

We jumped feet first into the rabbit hole to explore ourselves as sexual creatures together. Our dynamic continues to develop. We are finding our altered roles with each other in this new version of our dynamic. We are able to take this on because we believe that:

  • a. There is nothing wrong, and
  • b. That we have trust between us as long-time lovers, and
  • c. Because we talk every day about our sexuality, we can address whatever comes up.

Bring on the Snow Leopard! Thank you for reading this,
SafferMaster – @SlubbUsa

There we have it, switches!

A huge Shout-Out to SafferMaster for writing another beautifully hot as fuck article for the Podopheleus Site. Oh, we love your articles SafferMaster, more importantly, we appreciate you and Lady Petra Playground.

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Yes Mistress
Dirk Hooper

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